poetry & prose


“The Way Things Fall” Anchor & Plume Press (Sold Out)

creative non-fiction

Paradise Lost” from River Teeth: A Journal of Non-Fiction Narrative’s Beautiful Things column.


“Ezekiel” in Cumberland River Review Print Anthology



God Speaks” from The Windhover

“The Milky Way” and “The Anniversary” Psaltery & Lyre

Hosea, Single” and “Gardensong” from Perspectives: A Journal of Reformed Thought

Redemption” and “Jacob” from The Chimes

“Maricopa County Fair” Gravel: A Literary Journal

“Deus Ex Machina” Kindred (Pushcart Prize nomination)

“Laundry” Kindred

“Imago” Stirring: A Literary Collection

“Ezekiel” Cumberland River Review

“When the moon tells us of losses” Cumberland River Review (Pushcart Prize nomination)

“Theodicy” San Pedro River Review

“One” The Chimes

“Extinction” and “The Vision” Kentucky Review

prose/academic articles

“In June or January: The Myth of Summertime” on Intervarsity’s Emerging Scholar’s Network (ESN) Blog (August 2018)

“Your Crooked Heart”: Literature and Spiritual Formation on Intervarsity’s Emerging Scholar’s Network (ESN) blog.

“Suspicion as Spiritual Praxis” on Intervarsity’s (IVF) Emerging Scholar’s Network blog

“Animals and Atoms: The Creative Imagination and the Body of Christ” on IVF’s Emerging Scholar’s Network blog

Intervarsity’s The Well: “Believing God” “Daily Bread” “Opals” and “Minding the Gap”

“Form and Phantasm: The Poetry of Blake’s Eternal(ly) Slender Bodies.”  Lussier, Mark and Bruce Matsunaga, eds. Engaged Romanticism: Romanticism as Praxis. Newcastle upon Tyne, UK: Cambridge Scholars Press, 2008.


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